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Step into German
Step into German bietet viele Musikvideos von aktuellen deutsch-sprachigen Bands, Texte (in Deutsch und Englisch) und Didaktisierungen in Form von Arbeitsblättern und Kopiervorlagen. Es finden auch Wettbewerbe statt.

Uwe Kind**uwe**-**kind**-c-348.html
Lied - Wackel mit dem Po!

Tokio Hotel
Übers Ende der Welt - Das Youtube Video ist schwarz und weiss. Die Farben kommen bei "Freiheit".

Thanks Maggie M for this tip:
Songs written and performed by Annett Louisan
All my Year 11 German students borrowed my copy of “Unausgesprochen” by Annett Louisan. They know all the songs by heart….. this very interesting language and related expressions are creeping into their oral and written pieces using the language and expressions in her songs. Beautiful examples of sentence reversal, linking, and use of declensions is becoming more skilled.
Now they are after me to lend them my copy of “Teilzeithippie.” Her songs are catchy, very very clever with excellent language, and deal with issues the girls really engage with. They never get tired of her songs, and….. lots of stuff on Youtube. Here are a few examples.

(we did this song first and you have the words in German and English) - prize-winning theme song from a TV series:
EINE EINFACHE WAHRHEIT (I think it has another title on the CD) - interesting cartoon effect
DIE KATZE - Cute song in German with cartoon clip (it has French subtitles)
Lots of video clips by her: ****

Donikkl – German Children’s Band
Richelle Hollis from was in Germany with her family over the holidays and while at a Volksfest discovered ‘an awesome children’s band Donikkl, her young daughter’s new favourite music. Richelle relates: “The group members have studied education and you can tell through some of their songs that they are teachers. Das Fliegerlied is an Oktoberfest hit.” Richelle is very impressed by the band.
Donikkl’s YouTube Channel:

German Songs - Using Music to Teach the German Language
These German Song Lyrics are available from a variety of albums:
Bratwurst (A German Dinner)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Das Alphabet (The Alphabet in German)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Die Farben (Seven basic colors in German)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Die Tiere (Animals and the sounds they make)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Du bist eine Nummerwhite.gif– Uwe Kind
Halt mich, küss michwhite.gif– Uwe Kind
Ich bin coolwhite.gif– Uwe Kind
Ich heisse (My name is ___. Who are you?)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Johann Sagt (Commands and Verbs in German)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Meine Große Familie (Family Members and Pets)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Samstag (Days of the week in German)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlafwhite.gif– Traditional German Lullaby
Singt! (Weather and Seasons in German)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur
Zählen (Counting to 30 in German, Rap Style)white.gif– Barbara MacArthur